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Technological innovation, driven by advances in artificial intelligence and the creation of a common digital network, has accelerated in the last decades. These changes hold the promise of generating enormous growth, a more informed public, and more transparent democracies. Still, they may also result in dramatic economic and political disruptions: with intelligent machines inexorably replacing human both in the manufacturing and the service sectors; shifting the current reward of talent; increasing inequality; and ultimately polarizing our electoral politics. In turn, these possibilities have led to a growing public discussion about the policy responses that we need to develop to tackle the economic and social challenges of what some are calling a “cyber-mation revolution”.

This new research initiative intends to bring this debate to the Princeton community – mainly through two main activities:

  • A monthly talk series on “The Future of Capitalism” inviting a leading academic, researcher or practitioner working on these questions to dicuss the economic and technological transformations that are taking place in today's economy as well as their social and political consequences
  • A periodical workshop presenting cutting-edge research by political economists – in partnership with the Barcelona Institute of Political Economy and Governance.


Thursday, Sep 24, 2015
by nmallina

Carles Boix, Robert Garrett Professor of Politics and Public Affairs, leads an initiative to think about the interaction between politics and...

Monday, Sep 21, 2015
by nmallina

Technological innovation (from the digitization of everyday life to the robotization of multiple tasks) has accelerated in the last decades.

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